This year winter doesn’t officially end until March 20. If you live in an area where your favorite fishing spots are frozen in Old Man Winter’s clutches, you might still be in luck. Ice fishing is a great way to experience nature, catch some fish, and have some fun. The best part of ice fishing might be the lack of flies and mosquitoes that bother you. Keep reading to learn more about ice fishing.


When fishing during winter it’s important to stay warm. However, you also don’t want to sweat too much when you’re outside. Too much sweat can make you cold, and you may end up sick at the end of the day. The first layer you wear should absorb moisture. Wool is a good choice for your second layer because it does a good job of keeping you warm. Wear a windbreaker as your final layer. If you get too hot you can always take a layer off, but if you’re cold and don’t have enough layers you won’t be able to fish for long.

Keeping Warm

Some anglers use ice shanties while they’re fishing. An ice shanty is a small shelter you can sit in while you fish. It protects you from the wind and can be easily set up or broken down when needed. Moving around will help you keep warm. If you own a pair of ice skates, you should bring them and skate around while waiting for the fish to bite. It’s also a good idea to bring hot chocolate or soup in a well-insulated thermos.

Conditions Need to be Right

Never risk walking on thin ice. The fishing spot that you choose should have ice that’s at least 4 inches thick. Make sure that check multiple spots in an area since thickness can vary.

Don’t Get Lost

It’s easy to get lost on a large lake when it gets dark or the weather conditions become bad. To avoid getting lost you should always check the weather before you go out. If there’s a chance for a storm, it’s probably better to just fishing on another day. Regardless of the weather, it’s a good idea to carry a compass with you. That way you can always find your way back to shore.


Here are some of the essential tools you need for ice fishing:

  • Sled
  • Ice Auger – This tool will help you drill a hole in the ice.
  • Stool
  • Bait Bucket

Before you hit the ice on your next fishing adventure, take a look at this list of ice fishing tips.