Fishing is a pastime enjoyed by many people all over the world. Although waiting around for the fish to bite can be a tedious part of the sport, some fishermen find it worthwhile. Especially when they are rewarded with a big catch. Below you will find some of the

Largest Largemouth Bass

Already the largemouth bass is pretty big. On average an adult largemouth bass can weigh up to 12 pounds. The biggest one captured weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds 5 oz. In 2009 this fish was captured by Manabu Kurita off Lake Biwa in Japan. While the capture of the bass caused excitement, it ignited controversy.

Kurita’s catch challenged the previous record set by George Perry of Jacksonville, Georgia whose catch in 1932  only weighed one ounce more. Although there is still some dispute, Kurita’s largemouth bass remains to be the largest on record.

Largest Catfish

The largest catfish was caught in 2005 by several fishermen off the coast of Thailand. Measuring at 9 feet long and weighing over 646 pounds, due to its impressive size the fishermen gave the fish the name “Grizzly Bear”. To put in comparison the average “large” catfish only reaches up to 94 pounds.

Largest Swordfish

In 1953, Lou Marron traveled to his normal fishing off the coast of Chile, but what he thought was going to be an ordinary day, turned into extraordinary. On this fishing trip, Marron after 2 hours, he reeled in a swordfish measuring 14.9 feet long and weighing 1182 pounds. Unlike the other big catches, you can see this swordfish persevered at the International Game Fishing Association in Miami, Florida.

Largest Blue Marlin

The biggest Blue Marlin was caught in 1992 weighed over 1400 pounds. Paul Amorim caught this fish off the coast of Victoria, Brazil. Amorim a seasoned fisherman, has seen some big catches before, but nothing as large as this fish. Bigger marlins had been reported prior to Amori’s catch, but none have been officially measured, thus this fish takes the record.

Largest Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna fish are known for weighing pretty heavy. An average adult bluefin tuna can weigh around 830 pounds. You can imagine Ken Fraser’s surprise when he captured a 1496 pound fish off of Nova Scotia. Because of this capture, Ken Fraser became famous and even wrote a book on his experience.