If you’re looking for a way to stay healthy and have fun at the same time, playing golf is one of the best activities you can do. You can learn to play golf at any age and still excel. Plus, with websites like ClubHub you can easily and affordably rent the equipment you need to get started today.

Help Your Heart

Every year 1 in 4 Americans dies from heart disease (CDC). The best way to prevent heart disease is to stay active and get your heart pumping. Walking throughout the course and swinging a club are easy exercises that most people can do, yet they still provide a great benefit to your heart.

Get Outside

Getting outside is one of the best things you can do for your health and your mental well-being. This post lists a number of positive benefits related to spending time outside. I want to highlight two in particular. First, spending time in nature helps reduce stress. The above post lists a number of studies that back this finding up. It seems there’s something about the mixture of sun, wind, and green that makes you feel better. Playing golf is a chance to experience all three and challenge your mind at the same time. Along with reducing stress, being outside may also help reduce anxiety. When you’re focused on a game of golf, it’s difficult to think about your worries—especially when the weather is beautiful and you’re having fun.

Build Relationships

Playing golf is a great way to meet new people or just catch up with old friends. Golf isn’t as fast-paced as soccer or basketball, so there’s plenty of time to mingle and get to know your fellow golfers. If your friends don’t golf or don’t have time to play, you can always join a league. Joining a league is a great way to meet new people and network.

Lose Weight

Swinging a club over and over again is a great way to lose calories. When you combine it with walking the course and carrying your own clubs, you add to the total number of calories you can burn while playing one game. Wearing a fitness tracker while you play is a smart way of monitoring your exercise goals.

Less Risk of Injury

As you get older, it’s important to stay active but also stay safe. Golf is such a fantastic form of exercise because there isn’t much risk associated with playing it. Some forms of exercise—like riding a bike—can be dangerous. On the other hand, golf is a safe activity to engage in since it’s relatively easy on the body. The sport is much more taxing on the mind since success depends on strategizing and planning accordingly. Still, to avoid injury it’s a good idea to stretch before you play. Also, if you’ve never played before you should consider taking lessons. Proper technique will go a long way in preventing injuries.