If you’re excited for the sporting season to begin but stuck in areas with cold weather, nor’easters, and gray skies still, you can start to prepare for the upcoming warmth by beefing up on your outdoor sporting podcasts. Popularized in the early 2000s with the advent of the iPod, podcasts are great ways for listeners to take in short installments of information or pieces of an ongoing fictional story in bite-sized episodes. Today, there are thousands and thousands of podcasts touching on every facet of human interest. Some are high in production cost that listen like an audio-documentary, and others are simply recorded conversations among experts in a field. Play around to find what you like best, but here are a few podcasts about fishing and golfing to get you started.

Golf Science Lab: If you have any secret science loves, from physics to mechanics to engineering to design and more, Golf Science Lab is the podcast for you. Excellently produced and ever detail oriented, this golf-centric Myth Busters helps golfers realize that there are no myths or mysteries to the classic game — rather, an interplay of laws of physics, personal technique, and environmental factors collude to impact a person’s golfing performance. Approachable yet technical, this is the podcast for you to beef up on your physical game in time for the weather to warm up.

World’s Greatest Fishing: On this old classic podcast, the hosts Ed Rush and Paul Moritz talk to listeners about countless facets of fishing. Sometimes, they interview veteran fishers to learn more about their histories and and origin stories. Other times, they’ll review a product or new technique for fishing in a certain climate, type of water, or geographical location. From reminding listeners of tried and true methods to covering groundbreaking techniques, World’s Greatest Fishing is a staple of the fishing podcast world.

The Mindside Podcast: Any great athlete will tell you that across all sports, although golf especially, a player’s mentality is more than half the battle. The hosts of The Mindside Podcast explore this idea in-depth as they take readers on journeys through the brain, the subconscious, and the forefront of cognitive and behavioral scientists. The hosts interview the likes of Michael Phelps’ swimming coach, award-winning molecular biologists, and Navy SEALs to show readers the impact of the brain on every facet of sports, from practice to performance to business and more. If you wish NPR’s Hidden Brain did more sports episodes, look no further.