Many people enjoy the sport of hunting. Arkansas ranks in the top 10 states when hunters are after ducks. However, the state offers the chance to hunt a wide variety of animals that make their home on the millions of public land acres. Most take advantage of the seasons that occur during the fall and winter months. The animals are allowed to reproduce and prepare for fall and winter during spring and summer. But, there are animals that are legally hunted other times of the year including summer. Many of the animals are considered pests and thus population control is welcome.

Arkansas Hunting Regulations

Before embarking on a hunting adventure in the state, visit the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. There you learn which areas allow hunting during specific months. Locations and time frames commonly change based on populations in each of the regions. Along with having a hunting license, hunters must abide by a few other regulations, which include:

  • You cannot hunt from a moving vehicle on land or by air.
  • Hunting from boats is also prohibited.
  • Hunters are prohibited from using booby traps, drugs or poisons.
  • Animals escaping from fires or floods are off limits.

Summer Hunting Season

Bobcats | The season for bobcat hunting generally runs from September 1st until the last day of February. However, the cats can also be hunted during turkey hunting season.

Coyotes | Hunters are allowed to trap the animals from August 1st through March 31st. Individuals are allowed to hunt coyotes with weapons from July 1st until the last day of February. Additionally, coyote hunting is permitted during turkey hunting season.

Crows | The crow hunting season spans from September 1st until February 21st. However, the hunts are restricted to Thursday through Monday.

Beaver, Muskrat and Nutria | The season for these animals begins on September 1st and ends on March 31st.

Rabbit | Hunters are allowed to go after rabbits from September 1st until the end of February.

Raccoon | The animals can be hunted day or night from September 1st through March 31st. During the summer months, raccoon hunting is allowed at night.

Squirrel | Hunting season for these rodents spans the longest length of time. Hunting squirrels is allowed from May 1st through the end of February.

Turkey | The hunting season for the wild game bird varies from one year to the next. However, the season is usually short and begins toward the end of April.