One of the greatest sports known to man is golf. From combatting stress to increasing concentration and focus, golf is great for anyone to play, especially when you’re on a course that gives you the right set of mind. Below are the top five American golf courses according to Golf Digest.

5 Merion Cricket- Ardmore, PA

After given the assignment to create a golf course in 1912, Hugh Wilson traveled to Scotland to learn about golf courses. He designed the course with a Scottish influence which could be the reason it is one of the most beautiful golf courses today. Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, Merion has a reputation for its history. It is home to Bobby Jones’s Grand Slam Championship. 18 United States Golf Association Championship tournaments have been held here. Today the golf club retains its high standards through the most prestigious care a golf course can offer.

4 SHINNECOCK HILLS- South Hampton, N.Y.

One of the oldest golf courses in the United States, Shinnecock Hills was one of the first five members of the USGA when it was founded in 1891. The course retains its reputation through the natural landscape incorporated in the course, and was restored in 1991.  The U.S. open has been held here twice. The 2018 U.S. Open will be held here as well.

3 Cypress Point Club- Pebble Beach, CA

One of the more private golf courses in America, Cypress Point Club is located along the shore-line of Pebble Beach. Although the views of the ocean and natural granite rock are spectacular, it’s not as crowded as most golf courses tend to be. It is a wonderful place to get quiet time and practice.

2 Pine Valley- NJ

Considered one of the most exclusive golf courses in the US, most people won’t get to play at Pine Valley. The private golf club offers what ESPN calls “the greatest 18 holes of golf ever created by man.” Past members include George H. W. Bush and Arnold Palmer. Although most people must have exclusive member connections to play on the course, the club opens its gates to the public once a year for a tour during the Master’s Tournament. This is crucial for any golf enthusiast to see.

1 Augusta National- GA

Augusta is known for its history. Before it was a golf course, it was a fruit and ornament nursery. Today, it is one of the most famous golf courses in the world, with only 300 members. Membership is highly exclusive and is only accessible through invitation. The public is only allowed a tour once a year, during the Master’s Tournament. However, you have to be lucky enough to grab a pass (which could cost thousands of dollars). Although the golf course may not be practical to visit, the city itself is a wonderful place with famous art, landmarks and history.