Success in golf often comes down to your swing. While other factors like your attitude, focus, and the weather also affect your game, if your swing is not where it should be your game will suffer. If you want to perfect your swing, take a look at the four tips below.

Pay Attention To Your Hand Position

When you keep your hands low on the club, you will lower flight of the ball. Some golfers choose to use a stronger club or move the position of the ball in order to lower the ball’s flight. While both options work, it’s easier to just keep your hands lower on the club. Make sure to keep your hands low when you finish your swing, and you’ll be sure to send the ball on a lower path.

Your Spine and Forearm

If you want to perfect your backswing, make sure you pay attention to the position of your forearm in relation to your spine. When you perform your backswing, your right forearm (if you’re right-handed) should be in a parallel position to your spine. Also, your arms should form a triangle shape. The position of your forearm in relation to your spine and the shape your arms make are signs of a successful backswing.

Power Doesn’t Come From Your Arms

A powerful swing comes from your body—not your arms. New golfers often make the mistake of thinking otherwise. Here’s how you can learn to swing with your body instead of your arms. Place your club behind the ball. Don’t take a backswing, but try to pull the ball into the air. If you find this exercise difficult then you probably use your arms when you swing. Once you start using your body to complete this exercise, you’ll find it easier to lift the ball in the air. Carry this movement into your real swing and see the type of power you’re able to achieve.

Remember To Hinge

If your takeaway is low and your arms move too far back during your backswing, your iron shots will suffer, and you’ll lack control. To correct these mistakes, keep at 45-degree in the space between your left arm and the shaft of the club. This way you will begin the swing with your wrists already somewhat hinged. When you finish your swing if your left thumb points toward your right shoulder, your wrists are properly hinged. The correct wrist hinge will result in cleaner iron shots, more control, and greater distance.