Adam Kuettel is the Managing Partner at Kuettel Capital, as well as a Partner with Argo Capital Partners.

adamkuettel-headshotAn experienced financial services executive, Adam is proud to serve his community with unbiased, full-service independent financial planning that adheres to the fiduciary standard.

Adam was drawn to finance at a young age, fascinated by the markets. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from the University of Central Arkansas in 2007. He went on further his education and attended Rice University. Originally, he contemplated that glamorous life of a Wall Street Trader but soon realized his love of helping people and ability to make sense of complex financial realities were perfectly married in financial planning and wealth management.


Adam Kuettel established his own Registered Investment Advisory company to circumvent unsavory industry norms that do not always put the client first.  Financial planning is more than just a job to Adam – it’s a way of life. As such, his clients are more than just means to meeting a quota. As the owner and Managing Partner of Kuettel Capital, Adam is directly responsible for meeting his clients’ needs. This affords him the freedom to guarantee ethical, unbiased financial guidance alongside his unwavering dedication to top-tier customer service.

Beyond his work, Adam is passionate about fishing. Raised in Arkansas, he has been fishing all his life, beginning with scenic trips to his grandparents’ cabin as just a small child. The back-and-forth between complete relaxation and athletic challenge creates a perfect situation outside of the office wherein Adam can savor a great work-life balance.

By making time for fishing, golfing, and his other recreational passions, Adam Kuettel is able to consistently execute at a higher level when it comes time to go to work.

Adam Kuettel particularly enjoys ultra-light fishing. He often fishes in the White River and at Beaver Lake. His favorite courses to golf include Pinnacle Country Club, Big Sugar, and The Creeks.